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Level Up are a technology company who create tools to help your business. Tell us your goals and we will work with you to develop a solution that fits. We know what we are talking about and we will keep our promises to you.

We work in partnership with a multitude of designers to match a style to your needs. Or designers come to us to bring your design to life. We take huge pride in our work and our clients seem to like it. Here is a sample of our work, together with feedback from our clients.




Project: Craft Beer Cases Online

Type of work: Food and Drink

Technologies: React Native, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Hosting, Server Infrastructure


Date: 2019 onwards

Partners: Flavourly -

  • The Brief

    The Brief

    Flavourly are an online craft beer provider selling direct to consumers on their own web-platform. We were approached initially to assist their internal development team with maintenance on their existing website and backend systems.

    We then moved on to converting their historic website into an API to power a more modern and dynamic ReactJS powered website. This was done along with a rebrand and redesign of the entire website.

    Since then we have been working with Flavourly as a key partner to perform updates, make changes to existing functionality and expand the site with new features and services.

  • React JS

    React JS

    In order to provide a quick, more app-like experience, specifically in the product search and filters, and to provide future flexibility the site was built in the React framework. This delivers a far more fluid and native feel to the user with very quick page-load between pages and a seamless checkout to increase order conversion.

  • Server Infrastructure

    Server Infrastructure

    Due to the project being built as a React JS application and not a more traditional website and also the intermittent nature of expected traffic to the website a different hosting environment is required. A load balancer sits in front of multiple front-end and API servers allowing the site to scale servers as required and partial deployments to be performed with very little downtime or interruption to service.

  • Product Builder

    Product Builder

    One of the larger projects we have worked on recently is the Product Builder tool. This allows customers to create their own bespoke beer case from the products currently available on the site. The beer can be suggested based on user preferences or built up can-by-can as the user requires. This then integrates with the existing Flavourly systems and allows customers to get exactly what they want.

    Flavourly has worked with Levelup for over 5 years, on a range of projects from small development changes to full website & system builds. During that time they have demonstrated a professional approach, attention to detail and are a joy to work with. I couldn't recommend them more highly - Assean Sheikh

Almond Valley Heritage Trust

Almond Valley Heritage Trust


Project: A family-friendly museum on a peaceful riverside

Type of work: Website, ecommerce, backend

Technologies: HTML, CSS, Python, JavaScript, Hosting


Date: 2021

  • The Brief

    The Brief

    After our success with the Scottish Shale website redevelopment for the Almond Valley Heritage Trust we were approached by them again to develop a new website and booking system for their museum and associated adventure park. This was to replace the currently separate website and booking system which did not function quite as they wanted.

  • Shifting Requirements

    Shifting Requirements

    During the scoping phase of the project, the world (and therefore the website requirements) changed in totally unexpected ways with the onset of the Covid pandemic and the subsequent lockdowns and social distancing rules.

    We worked with the client to develop a booking system which would be able to adapt to non-standard booking requirements with capacity controls and deposit logic integrated into the more standard ticketing functionality.

  • Client-led design

    Client-led design

    Based on client needs, we worked with them to build the site on top of a template design with changes made based on specific requests from the client as development progressed. This was a new way of working for us with no “final” designs agreed initially. A more fluid approach to development was therefore undertaken, with tweaks made as required, allowing us to reach the required look for the site while development was ongoing.

  • Booking and Subscriptions

    Booking and Subscriptions

    The site includes ticketing systems with stock control, access limits based on timeframe and date, recurring subscriptions, price reductions based on subscriptions, barcode generation, ticket scanning, group bookings and deposit payment based enquiries. These functions all work as designed by the client and are amended on an ongoing basis as their needs change.

    'I was very pleased that we quickly established a happy and creative working relationship, and one in which I, as a non-technical person, could ask daft questions without feeling silly. I was always met with a patient and insightful response that led to great solutions. I can't recommend Level Up highly enough' - Robin Chesters




Project: buddhify is a meditation app

Type of work: Native mobile app development on iOS and Android

Technologies: React Native, Objective C, Java, WebGL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript


Date: 2017

Partners: Mindfulness Everywhere -

  • The Brief

    The Brief

    Following on from the success of the Sleepfulness app, Mindfulness Everywhere had big plans to redevelop their original buddhify app, building a far more ambitious app with more meditations, expanded functionality and an integrated subscription which would unlock even more features and new content on a monthly basis. This was to sit on the same backend systems as the previously developed Sleepfulness app.

  • Unique UI

    Unique UI

    Continuing on from the previous wheel on the Buddhify2 app, the core of this new version is a central wheel-based user interface with multiple levels of menus sitting within a beautiful animated wheel. Segments grow, expand and spin when you click and swipe, opening up all the features within the app in a central location in an engaging way.

  • Now with Subscribers

    Now with Subscribers

    Although a paid-for app with fantastic features and a whole host of guided meditations as standard, the app also includes additional features and extra meditations which are unlocked by subscribing through the iOS or Android App stores. New content is available for users on a monthly basis delivered directly to the app.

  • Expanded Functionality

    Expanded Functionality

    The functionality of the app expands once subscribed, with new tools including assisted meditation reading allowing you to perform guided meditations yourself, as well as videos, blog posts and articles updated on a weekly basis.

  • One code-base

    One code-base

    As the application was developed on React Native, it was built on a single code-base with 90% of development only being done once. The app could then be deployed to both Android and iOS app stores with limited custom coding required. This improves speed of development and reduces cost.

    'It's rare to work with a team as good as Level Up. Brilliant boutique Glasgow-based dev team' - Rohan Gunatillake

Off to Work

Off to Work


Project: Award-winning hospitality staffing agency.

Type of work: Website, design, ecommerce, API Integration

Technologies: Python, Django, HTML, CSS, JavaScript


Date: 2016

  • The Brief

    The Brief

    Off to Work is a premier hospitality company, supplying staffing, training and consultancy services across the UK. As a fast growing company, they needed a flexible website that would meet the functional needs of their clients and staff, while also reflecting their professional and vibrant approach to staffing.

    Level Up were attached to build their new website to provide information to a range of different users in a simple and easy to use way. New business services, such as a dedicated permanent staff jobs board and expanded training shop were introduced to Off to Work’s online presence.

    Jon Ellis of Eon Creative created the polished look and feel for the site, using their existing brand styles and company values as a starting point.

  • CMS


    A key requirement for Off to Work was the ability to create their own pages, with flexible layouts, quickly and easily.

    Django CMS is built for exactly this functionality and the new website allows new layout creation through the placement of a variety of bespoke and standard widgets. A modular design was created which means that widgets can be stacked to create a fresh look with minimal effort. The site was also built to be responsive, so that these content blocks rearrange to best fit the user’s device size, ensuring a polished and smooth experience for all.

    New pages can be previewed as drafts, so that pages can be refined and tweaked before publishing.

  • Jobs Board

    Jobs Board

    As well as providing short term staffing solutions, Off to Work also help place permanent candidates. Their new bespoke Jobs Board allows them to post available positions quickly and easily through integration with Broadbean, the job advert distribution service.

    Users can filter adverts by industry and sector, shortlist potential roles and quickly apply using their previously saved details. Search filters are also saved for their next visit so that new jobs of interest are found even faster.

  • Training Shop

    Training Shop

    Off to Work provide a wide range of certified qualifications for their staff to help ensure that their skills are kept up to date. The new shop allows users or companies to purchase classroom courses, together with online courses that can be completed at the individual’s own pace.

    If a course is unavailable on a suitable date, the user can set a notification to alert them when another incidence of the course is added. Courses of interest can be saved to a Favourites area for later consideration. Payment is taken securely via Stripe, with card details saved to ease future transactions.

    'The Level Up team have been an absolute joy to work with both on our website and multiple iterations of our app' - Mariela DeLaMora




Project: Mobile app development

Type of work: Helping people take better care of their minds.

Technologies: React Native, HTML, CSS, Mobile app development


Date: 2022

  • The Brief

    The Brief

    Mindapples helps people improve their mental health and general wellbeing by teaching them how to better take care of their minds. They have been providing workplace and e-learning programmes to organisations and the general public for years but wanted a mobile app to make their resources more widely available.

    We were delighted to assist with the development of a new way to deliver the Mindapples programmes and to make the browsing of user generated content as intuitive and pleasing as possible.

    Android and iOS apps are now available via the app stores, with bulk buy options accessible for organisations wanting to provide the app for their employees.

  • Cross-Platform


    The app was built using React Native, a JavaScript language compiled down to native code, which provides a cross platform base to write a very fast and efficient app. This greatly reduces development time as only one application needs to be created initially, with native changes made as required for the iOS and Android platforms.

    Although React Native is a cross-platform framework, it is UI focused for complex design and retains a native look and feel. Developing with React Native is so efficient that it has been used by many highly successful apps, such as Facebook, Instagram and AirBnB.

  • Redesign


    The app design was reworked in 2022 following a company rebrand and the introduction of five additional courses. As well as refreshing the general styles and introducing fresh imagery, new design features were also introduced to make the user experience as smooth and enjoyable as possible. This included small changes, such as adding new transitions and colours when browsing user answers, together with larger updates to allow for the inclusion of the new content in the limited space available.

    Tree and branch imagery is used throughout the app and parallax like scrolling was implemented to make the foreground and background branches move independently to give a sensation of depth in what would otherwise be more of a flat design.

  • Data import

    Data Import

    Mindapples courses each comprise a number of segments made up of video and/or audio content, questions and user generated answers that can be browsed and saved for later review. The course content was bundled within the app and to facilitate and simplify the import of course data a spreadsheet was created for population.

    'LevelUp have been fantastic partners for us on this project, from their hard work building, testing and refining the app, to guiding us through the perils of the app store approval processes' - Andy Gibson

Murder Mysteries

Murder Mysteries


Project: A mobile game

Type of work: App development, game development

Technologies: React Native, HTML, CSS, JavaScript


Date: TBC...

Partners: Eon Creative -

  • The Brief

    The Brief

    This project is one of our very own! After noticing a lack of decent app based murder mystery games available via the app stores we decided to create our own.

    It is still very much a work in progress and with client based work taking priority it may remain so for some time, so we can't say too much yet!

  • Fun with Design

    Fun with Design

    For the design we obviously went to our favourite designer, John Ellis of Eon Creative. He worked with us to understand the look and feel that we wanted and designed our beloved logo / mascot ghosts.

    We have a whole load of these wee guys who will show up throughout the app to provide help or context on what's going on or what you need to do. They have different expressions, colours and personalities depending on the situation.

  • Offline Play?

    Offline Play?

    A core design decision we needed to make was whether the app would need to work offline. We started working on this concept in around 2017 and back then the mobile-internet availability was not what it currently is.

    We played around with methods of getting devices to synchronise without any internet. Bluetooth, infrared and even sub-audible ultrasonic noises were considered. After testing various options, and as time progressed, we ultimately decided to go with a connection-required model, at least for now.

  • Synchronised actions

    Synchronised actions

    As our game is a multiplayer real-time experience, having events happen for everyone at the same time is important. During the game each user is connected to the central server which runs everything through a socket which listens for any changes to the state of the game and is told of updates immediately.

    Any players who close the app to do something else or fall behind for some other reason are quickly brought back onboard when the connection is restored, ensuring that there is no frustration with users being disconnected or “falling out” of the game.

  • Story Development

    Story Development

    The story is central to the experience and to launch unique interpretations of some classic tales have been created for you to enjoy. A snippet is included below:

    “But wait, there is a terrible rumour echoing through the mansion halls about a brutal murder! Who could the victim be and is the murderer one of the esteemed dinner guests? Well, if so, then it is your duty to identify them and bring them to justice. Using your wits and a few scattered clues you must hunt down this monster. Unless... the monster is, in fact, you! “

Reach Out CPD

Reach Out CPD


Project: Free online CPD, with Imperial College London

Type of work: Website development

Technologies: Python, Django, HTML, CSS, JavaScript


Date: 2017

  • The Brief

    The Brief

    Reach Out CPD provides educational resources for primary school teachers, with a focus on scientific subjects. Having identified that many primary school teachers lack confidence when teaching science they teamed up with Imperial College London to create the best support and learning materials available, all packaged in an intuitive website.

    Level Up were delighted to deliver the new website for the Reach Out team. Since the website launch, Reach Out CPD has gone on to win the Best Open Educational Resource Award at the prestigious Bett Awards 2016.

  • The Courses

    The Courses

    Improving teacher confidence is the focus of the site, with 30 individual and content managed courses currently available across three three different categories. Each course comprises text, image and film content, together with multiple choice quizzes and reflection questions. Integration with the central Twig system allows Twig content to be pulled into the system and updated when required.

    The user can take notes as they proceed through each course and also comment on each slide, so that other resources and insights can be shared with other teachers.

  • Progress


    User activity is logged as the user progresses through each course, so that they can monitor their own progress and review their previous quiz scores and notes. The last content viewed is also saved so that the user can quickly resume learning from even the midpoint of a course.

    Upon completion of a course the user can generate and download a PDF certificate showing course completion. This certificate can also be emailed directly to the user or their Head Teacher.

    'Heartily recommended. Level Up are really responsive and make changes very quickly. More importantly, they don’t let you do anything that’s a bad idea, even if you ask for it! They’ll suggest something that works better all round, and it’s usually quicker and cheap to implement, too' - Ben Moore




Project: The sleep app powered by mindfulness

Type of work: Mobile app development

Technologies: Ionic, Angular, HTML, CSS, JavaScript


Date: 2016

  • The Brief

    The Brief

    After redeveloping the original Buddhify app (and developing Buddhify 2) we were approached by Mindfulness Everywhere to build a new app on iOS and Android for guided meditation with a focus on helping users get the very best sleep that they can. Using a gorgeous design by JamHot it is now available via the iOS and Android app stores.

  • Meditations


    The free app comes loaded with a set of meditations, grouped into time zones targeted for use at different times of the day. A range of additional content packs are available for in-app purchase if you would like to expand your collection of sleep and meditation aids.

    In addition to the audio content, the app also boasts a range of other helpful features. Each time you listen to a new track a card is unlocked, providing access to a helpful meditation prompt or suggestion. Unlocked cards are collated together in one area, allowing you to browse the tips after listening or at a later date.

  • Insights


    The Insights section of the app provides you with regular updates, suggestions and sleep related facts, together with user specific data on your sleep progress.

    If you feel that a particular track could be of benefit to a friend or relative then you can share it with them at the touch of a button. Card content can also be shared via the usual social media options.

    'It's rare to work with a team as good as Level Up. Brilliant boutique Glasgow-based dev team' - Rohan Gunatillake

Scottish Shale

Scottish Shale


Project: Museum of the Scottish Shale Oil industry

Type of work: Website development

Technologies: Python, Django, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Custom maps


Date: 2000

  • The Brief

    The Brief

    Scottish Shale's previous website had to be manually updated using an old HTML editor. It was also full of broken links and different styles and layouts making the user experience inconsistent and frustrating. There was no way of easily finding records on the site or uploading or indexing the wealth of further information held offline by the museum.

    We were tasked with developing a new website which would allow the administration team to add data of all different types, from newspaper clippings and photos to maps and location based data and display it in an engaging, user friendly and intuitive way.

  • Mountain of Data

    Mountain of Data

    The data to be added to the new site encompassed many different collections covering hundreds of thousands of items. We designed a system where all the data could be easily added, interlined, indexed, searched and displayed on a custom-designed map interface.

    This included allowing locations of records, photos, places and people to be added, along with the display of areas of sites and places within places. All of these records could be linked together to allow users to follow the information from one record to another.

  • All the Maps

    All the Maps

    All records on the site can have a location or be related to a place and can be added to a map. The maps themselves can be tuned to show different types of locations or places and as the map is zoomed out large groups of places which are nearby are grouped together to indicate a less “busy” UI, while still allowing users to view how much data there is contained within the map.

    On selection of an item from the map users are shown a preview with a thumbnail and description of the item which has been selected.

  • Powerful Search

    Powerful Search

    All data within the site is indexed allowing a free text and filtered search of all records. Images are recorded alongside a user-entered or optically scanned record of the text so that they can be found by searching for text included within the image.

    Large images are displayed in a layered manner allowing for an incredibly high-resolution version of the images to be displayed alongside a watermark ensuring copyright of the images. Users can zoom in as close as they like to very high resolution scans of the records.

    'I was very pleased that we quickly established a happy and creative working relationship, and one in which I, as a non-technical person, could ask daft questions without feeling silly. I was always met with a patient and insightful response that led to great solutions. I can't recommend Level Up highly enough' - Robin Chesters

Scottish Lime Centre Trust

Scottish Lime Centre Trust


Project: A charity promoting repair of historic buildings.

Type of work: Website development

Technologies: Django, Python, HTML, CSS, JavaScript


Date: 2021

  • The Brief

    The Brief

    The Scottish Lime Trust provides knowledge and the practical skills training required for the conservation and repair of historic buildings. Having maintained their original website, they came to us to replace, improve and expand upon the existing website.

    Their new website includes a CMS (Content Management System) with custom ecommerce functionality, integrated alongside some basic booking and calendar management.

  • eCommerce


    The e-commerce needed to follow SLCT's existing bespoke set-up, with a core system focused on booking training programs and complemented by the inclusion of optional extras when a course is booked.

    This includes the booking of courses on specific dates and capturing custom information for the attendees depending on the numbers required. Additional bespoke methods of discounting were also added based on client requirements.

  • Content Managed

    Content Managed

    The site is based on a Django content management system called Wagtail which provides fantastic flexibility for development while also including the standard tools for page creation and management with comprehensive moderation tools, audit tracking and the ability to rollback to previous versions of content.

  • Custom Calendar

    Custom Calendar

    A custom calendar was built to display all the Scottish Lime Centre Trust courses available for booking within a monthly calendar layout.

    The courses can then be booked directly from the calendar to assist in scheduling for those needing to book.

Tax e Solutions

Tax e Solutions


Project: Timesheet upload, facilitating invoice creation

Type of work: Mobile app development

Technologies: React Native, HTML, CSS, JavaScript


Date: 2017

  • The Brief

    The Brief

    Tax E Solutions requested a mobile application which would allow their individual clients and agencies to submit weekly timesheets via their mobile device. A straightforward and clear interface was required for the quick and simple logging of times worked.

    Clients needed to be able to review timesheets, view documents and login to their Kashflow account within the app. An API and management tool was developed to power everything and allow management of timesheets.

  • Quick Turnaround

    Quick Turnaround

    As the application was built to work on both iOS and Android platforms the Cordova framework was used to allow for simultaneous development. The front-end UI utilised AngularJS 2 and Ionic 2 to provide a modern, state of the art mobile interface.

    The application was developed within a month and launched on the iOS and Android app stores after only a few weeks of testing.

  • Limited Design

    Limited Design

    Design of the app was left to standard defaults within the framework, with changes made to the branding and colours. This resulted in a clean, simple and professional looking application which functioned in line with industry standard conventions and best practise.

    We included a quickly designed logo for the splash screen to complete the design.

  • Backend admin

    Backend admin

    The backend system developed to support the app allows for all submitted data to be reviewed by the site admin or relevant agency. All data can be exported as required.

    User registrations can be managed, logins can be reviewed, entries amended and reminders can be sent to users who have not completed their timesheets by the required time.

Off to Work mobile app

Off to Work mobile app


Project: Mobile app to allow staff to manage their shifts

Type of work: Mobile app development with API integration

Technologies: React Native, HTML, CSS, JavaScript


Date: 2022

  • The Brief

    The Brief

    Off to Work is a premier hospitality company, supplying staffing, training and consultancy services across the UK. With their client and staff needs evolving, they wanted an app to help their staff members quickly and easily apply for jobs on the go. Clients and event organisers would also use the app to manage their events on the day, reducing the need for onerous paper based systems.

    Level Up were delighted to be attached to deliver the app, with Jon Ellis of Eon Creative providing the design.

  • Staff Members

    Staff Members

    Staff members can use the shift search to identify upcoming jobs that they may want to apply for. Potential shifts can be filtered by role and location, as well as start and end times. Once approved on a shift, the user can view all the relevant information for a shift, such as a map to the venue, contact details and the uniform required.

    Notifications are sent to alert the user of successful applications and upcoming shifts. The Payment section lists all recent shift payments received, together with hourly rates and dates. The user is also kept up to date with any Off to Work communications via the News section.

  • Event Organisers

    Event Organisers

    The Timesheet feature provides a simple way for clients to log their staff member’s start, end and break times in the app. They can mark team members as favourites or heroes, simplifying the application process for these specific individuals so that they find it easier to be placed on future events.

    Security is maintained through a 4 digit pin code, which must be entered before a timesheet can be submitted. Finally, app notifications prompt the client to submit late timesheets so that shift details are not forgotten.

    'The Level Up team have been an absolute joy to work with both on our website and multiple iterations of our app' - Mariela DeLaMora

We are an open, friendly and approachable team who enjoy interacting with our clients. With over a decade's experience, we have the skills and knowledge required to produce the highest quality work.


Our developers are experts in web technologies. We are constantly learning to ensure we are always at the forefront of technology. We love web standards and use best practice, creating future-proof sites that are easily maintainable.


We work very closely with some of the best design agencies in Scotland to ensure that your project looks as good as it performs. We also play nice with others, so if you have an internal design team or prefered designer then we can happily work with them too.


Once your product has been developed, it is fully tested before launch. We use a combination of automated and human testing to ensure that everything works as expected and is fully functioning before being released to the public.



We use the web-standards and best practices to make our work future-proof and easy to maintain. No matter what technology we use, our sites are accessible and standards compliant.


A core skill for application development on the internet, we use JavaScript to bring the interface of your website to life. This ensures compatibility across all platforms.


Our favourite tool is Django, using it we can ignore the tedious jobs and focus on the fun and inventive. Performance, application security and administration tools are provided as standard.


We understand that you need the flexibility to update your own website, so all our sites are content managed. Our advanced CMS is designed to be powerful, secure, reliable and easy to use.


We integrate with PayPal, Google Pay, Apple Pay,, Stripe Sage Pay and others. If you want a fully-functioning eCommerce application we can provide it. If you want to sell a single product using digital download and PayPal, we can do that too. We develop custom tools for you.


We can build a responsive design giving mobile viewers a better experience. If you are looking for an application, we can do that too. We develop mobile applications for Android, iPhone or iPad providing expanded functionality, greater market penetration and a better experience.


We use open-source technologies to reduce your costs, avoid licensing and stop you being reliant on any one vendor.

You own any work we produce.


We use the cloud to provide scalable, secure and reliable hosting at a low cost. Fully managed by us with fault detection, complete back-ups and 24/7 monitoring, all large media is placed on our CDN, ensuring the fastest speeds for your users.

React JS

We have been building websites with React JS for years. A JavaScript library for building engaging and interactive user interfaces. More web-application than website.


Another option for providing dynamic web applications. Web applications built in JavaScript allowing highly dynamic websites.

API Development

We have been building custom APIs for clients to support mobile and web-basic applications for over 10 years.

API Integration

We have integrated with hunderds of open and closed APIs for our clients. If you need a website which can take some data from an API then let us know!

We love to get involved in exciting projects. No matter what size we're happy to talk about a new idea, website, or application.

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Becky runs the studio, supports clients, makes sure we hit our deadlines and always have milk.

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Technical Lead

Lead programmer and technical guy. Allan writes the specs and gets the projects built. Has a magic bag with every gizmo in the universe in it, need a usb cable he’s your man.

Raymond McGinlay


Chief Engineer

Chief Engineer and server guru. Along with programming, Raymond makes sure that our sites stay running and our methodology is good. He also makes up the website songs.

Aidan Doherty



Specialising in front-end and mobile applications. Aidan is our go-to guy for making our projects look like they should. He also has a dad joke for any occasion.

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